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EL Africa Energy Transition Watch

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Africa Energy Transition Watch

Book Cover: EL Africa Energy Transition Watch
Part of the AETW series:
  • EL Africa Energy Transition Watch
Pages: 212

The Electricity Lawyer (EL) Africa Energy Transition Watch tracks the preparedness of countries across Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) for the energy transition, using several energy transition indicators as curated by EL and mostly reflected in the EL Legal and Regulatory Indices Snapshot of SSA Power Markets: Energy Transition Pathway Ranking available at, including Energy access indicators, Level of deployment of clean energy technologies, Smart grids, Renewable Energy (RE) mix dynamics, Level of potential for attracting investment in Clean Energy Technologies, Off-Grid Framework and Scope of RE investment incentives, Transmission Network Structure, Interconnections and Grid Integration of RE Sources, Legal provisions for promoting climate change  and policies on carbon trading, Value of international donor involvement in RE projects, etc.