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Simplified Legal and Regulatory Guides (Secondary Legislation)





(NERC) – Regulations for the Investment in Electricity Networks, 2015_SLRG




(NERC) (Licences and Operating Fees) Regulations, 2010_SLRG

(NERC)(Application for Licences (Generation, Transmission, System Operations, Distribution _ Trading) Regulations, 2010_SLRG

(NERC) – Regulation for the Granting of Permits for Captive Power Generation, 2008_SLRG

NERC – The Market Rules for the Transitional and Medium-Term Stages of the Nigerian Electricity Supply Industry_SLRG_page-0001

NERC – Regulations for the Procurement of Generation Capacity, 2014_SLRG

NERC Procedure for electricity tariff review Regulations

NERC_Grid Code for the Nigerian Electricity Transmission System, 2008_SLRG

NERC National Content Development Regulations

Nigerian Electricity Metering Code

NERC (Embedded Generation) Regulations, 2012_SLRG


NERC Methodology for the determination of connection charges for electricity supply- Simplified Guide

NERC Business Rules-Simplified Guide

NERC Smart Metering Regulation

NERC NESIS Regulation

NERC Health and Safety Code- Simplified Guide

NERC Estimated Billing Methodology-Simplified Guide

NERC Electric fencing Regulations- Simplified Guide

NERC Distribution Code-Simplified Guide

(NERC) (Independent Electricity Distribution Networks) Regulations, 2012_SLRG

NERC – (Acquisition of Land and Access Rights for Electricity Projects) Regulations, 2012_SLRG

NERC USOA Regulations – Simplified Guide

NERC Reporting Compliance Regulations- Simplified Guide

NERC Customer Protection Regulations 2023

NERC – Mini-grid Regulation