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Legal and Regulatory Consulting Services

Legal and Regulatory Consulting Services

Our unrivalled experience in power markets across Sub-Saharan Africa places us at a vantage position to provide unmatched legal and regulatory consulting services. Our services include:

  • Government Investment Advisory Services and Technical Assistance
    • Assisting governments in enhancing their investment climates through various legal, regulatory, and policy instruments and tools.
    • Regulatory Agency Set-Up
    • Legal, Regulatory and Policy Research, Analysis and Reform
    • Technical Assistance and Advisory
    • Investment Climate Horizon Watch and Monitoring
    • Training and Capacity Building, etc.
  • Legal and Transaction Advisory Services

Providing end-to-end legal and transaction advisory support on the regulatory architecture for Energy Projects (from conception, structure development, implementation, and financing to post-completion formalities).

  • Legal, Regulatory, Institutional, and Operational Due Diligence Services
      • Initial Scoping Due Diligence
      • Legal Due Diligence
      • Institutional and Market Due Diligence
      • Operational Due Diligence, etc.
  • Legal Risk, Regulatory Strengthening and Compliance Monitoring & Management Services

Our understanding of the legal and regulatory framework underpinning the energy industry across SSA places us in an informed position to provide regulatory compliance monitoring services. Some of our service offerings include but are not limited to:

    • Legal, Regulatory and Contractual Risk Management
    • Legal, Statutory Compliance Management
    • Regulatory Affairs Management.
    • Regulatory Landscape Analysis and Advice and ongoing regulatory horizon watch as it impacts operations, etc.
  • Corporate Restructuring, Business Process Re-engineering, and Governance Services
    • Advising Boards on corporate governance, compliance principles, and other company law requirements as it impacts on company operations.
    • Advising companies on the establishment of appropriate corporate governance structures for effective implementation.
    • Business Process Re-engineering from a legal, regulatory, and corporate governance perspective, etc.


  • Dispute Resolution and Grievance/Complaints Management
    • Our understanding of the legal, regulatory, contractual, and commercial intricacies affords us with the essential skills and knowledge in assisting our clients prevent and/or resolve disputes in the energy industry through negotiations, mediation, international arbitration, litigation, expert determination, and other forms of alternative dispute resolution. We provide end to end dispute resolution services to institutions and organisations and support with customer complaints and grievance reporting/whistle blowing in line with extant laws and regulations.
  • Legislative and Regulatory Drafting Services
    • Diagnostic Audit and Review of legislative, regulatory and policy instruments.
    • Technical Assistance and Drafting of legislative, regulatory and policy instruments, etc.


  • Project and Contract Management Services

We support with managing project risks from a legal and regulatory perspective and provide top notch contract management and support services from contract drafting, to negotiations and review of a broad range of complex power sector related commercial agreements to protect the interest of clients. We offer bespoke Power Sector Agreements and other related Agreements and undertake other contract management services including but not limited to:

    • Contracts & Document Preparation and Negotiation.
    • Tailored in-house contract templates, guidance materials and policies for contracting and risk management.
    • Contract Audits.
    • Preparing formal legal opinions on contractual disputes.
    • KPI Monitoring and Audit.
    • Tailored in-house contracts law training and capacity building.

We can support with PPP project design in terms of project appraisals, feasibility studies, project finance, investment analysis, contract management, communication, and stakeholder relations. We also provide Procurement tenders and licensing services which include, support with bid preparation and submission, drafting of EoI’s, grant applications, support with compliance requirements, reporting systems, contract negotiation, etc.


  • Document Translation Services